18-year-old in the NBA? “One-and-done” on the loose


According to US media reports, the NBA is considering a rule change that would allow players to switch to the North American professional basketball league right after they graduate at the age of 18.

As the sports channel “ESPN” reported, NBA commissioner Adam Silver and some of his closest advisers have been dealing with the issue for months.

The so-called “one-and-done” rule, which was introduced in 2005, is therefore right at the top of the list. The rule states that NBA players must be at least 19 years old and must be at least one year between their NBA entry and their graduation. Above all, over the past 13 years, this has led many potential NBA players to switch to a US college for just one year before venturing into the professional league.

“We’re just looking at how we can change the relationship we have with players prior to their NBA entry,” a high-ranking NBA employee is quoted as saying. NBA Superstar LeBron James and former US President Barack Obama had been critical of the current ruling in recent days. The current entry rule also applies to international players.

The various scandals in college basketball may also play a role for the NBA in their reflections. Sean Miller, basketball coach at the University of Arizona, is currently being charged with bribery. He should have brought players with the promise of high cash payments in the team.

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