Lions in the premier class against Kielce instead of Kiel


Kielce instead of Kiel – after the surprising draw of the THW in Paris, the Rhein-Neckar-Löwen got to deal with the Polish top-team Vive Kielce in the Champions League.

Already on Tuesday it is for the German champions in the DHB Cup against the SC DHfK Leipzig to qualify for the Final Four.

The somewhat unexpected change of opponents should not irritate the Rhein-Neckar Löwen on their way to the first quarterfinal qualification in the Champions League. “Light opponents are no longer there anyway, we definitely want to go under the last eight,” said Oliver Roggisch, sports director of the German handball champions.

Rather surprisingly, the German record champion Kiel Paris Saint-Germain had wrested a 29:29 draw and is now in the round of 16 of the premier league league leaders out of the way.

Instead, the lions must now clear the CL winner of 2016, which counts the former Mannheim Krzystof Lijewski and Karol Bielecki to his performers.

But despite all the international euphoria, it is also important to do his homework on a national level. Löwen coach Nikolaj Jacobsen, for example, focused on a serious preparation for the DHB Cup match on Tuesday evening against SC DHfK Leipzig: “Leipzig’s fighting power is enormous.” This is a team that can keep up with all the top teams in Germany on a good day . ”

Roggisch relies on return of Ekdahl du Rietz

And even Roggisch warns in front of the guests, who had reached the Final Four in Hamburg last year for the first time. “They are really hot, they want to go back there,” said the former international.

Since it is also important to have returnee Kim Ekdahl du Rietz as an alternative in the squad to have: “This is an important personnel option more that opens up opportunities to give others a break.”

Instead of against Mannheim, the THW is now in the premier class against the Hungarian Vice Champion Pick Szeged. In the league slipped to sixth place, the “Zebras” must win the Champions League, to qualify for the prestigious competition in the coming season.

The detour wildcard as for the 2016/17 season is eliminated, this was decided by the Executive Committee of the European Federation EHF last December.

The SG Flensburg-Handewitt has a problem in the Champions League, while the vice-champion is against IFK Kristianstad. “We are dealing with good Swedish handball,” said SG CEO Dierk Schmäschke on the national title holder.

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