“Pisses me off”: Hannover 96 mangles itself


Unprejudiced observers can experience an increasingly bizarre mood at Hannover 96. The fans of the Bundesliga football club meanwhile abuse each other – and manager Horst Heldt rumbles and gives some the impression of preparing with the grunts his departure.

Heldt chose after the escalation of the fans-dispute during the 0: 1 (0: 0) defeat against Borussia Mönchengladbach in any case drastic words – immediately after the final whistle in front of the camera, but also later with some distance to the action.

“It pisses me off, it’s no fun,” said Heldt. “We are dealing with everything but football, we can not concentrate on football at all.”

The dispute between a part of the fans and the club leadership around the chairman Martin Kind has turned into a dispute within the supporters.

Two days after the rejection of a podium discussion by the club fans screamed in the northern curve – unlike in the previous months – again and again loud “child must go!” Other 96 followers responded with whistles. And they countered loudly with “Ultras out!”

The protest against Kind’s attempt to take over the majority of the professional football department from the parent club, splits the fans and leads to meanwhile expressed anger in the sporting leadership.

Breitenreiter also complains of atmosphere

“It seems to be completely uninteresting what’s going on in the field, it’s totally sausage, whether one is injured, locked or anything else,” said Heldt. “People sing against each other, and the crew is totally unsure.”

The coach also complained. “The atmosphere in the ranks was as negative as ever, that touched the boys,” said AndrĂ© Breitenreiter and admitted for the first time that the confrontation outside of the grass also has an effect on the performance of the players. “We were inhibited, as we have not been for a long time, something like that pulls you down already.” At the half-time break we discussed that we did not want to let that get in touch with us. ”

An end to the dispute and the poisoned mood is not foreseeable. Heldt has noticed this as well, who offered himself as a mediator and moderator.

After the escalation is the question in the room, how long the already traded at other clubs manager does it yet.

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